At the moment, it is not possible to predict when the universities will be able to resume normal operations on campus. At all universities in the state of Baden-Württemberg courses are mainly or completely offered online, often in combination with reduced attendance - as is the case at KIT. Especially for first-year students, as much teaching as possible should be offered in presence (see hybrid teaching). Hygiene rules and distance requirements, as well as attendance and documentation requirements for the traceability of infection chains will continue to apply.

On the following pages we present online teaching scenarios, which are jointly developed and provided by the expert group (consisting of ZML, BIB, SCC and decentralised operators) and with which you can digitally supplement or compensate your teaching. These pages focus on technical and didactic questions. However, fundamental questions and guidelines concerning study and teaching as well as examinations are published on the central page of the Corona Crisis Staff.

If you have any questions, please contact us by mail: elearning∂


Important notes

  • On our subpages you will find information about digital exams during Corona.
  • The KIT-internal webinars on ILIAS, Zoom and MS Teams are only visible when accessed via VPN.
  • Information on mobile working at KIT can be found here.
  • Extended digital offer in the KIT library.
  • Information on copyright can be found here.


Overview of the contents of these info pages

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News about online teaching

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Inverted Classroom

The pandemic-induced switch to completely online teaching has resulted in many digital textbooks, including a wealth of video material. Perhaps you have already asked yourself how you can continue to use your videos and integrate them into your teaching in a didactically valuable way in the future? The method of choice could be the inverted classroom, for example.

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Webinar recordings available

In order to prepare for the coming semester in the best possible way, we are again holding a number of webinars. The recordings of these webinars are available on our webiste KIT-internally. Thus, interested parties who unfortunately could not attend the webinar, can access the content afterwards. The recordings of the introductory webinars on ILIAS, Zoom and MS Teams of the summer semester are also available here.

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