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Important notes

  • Currently, KIT-internal information on zoom licenses distribution and webinars are only visible when accessed via VPN.
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On these pages we present online teaching options that are jointly developed and provided by a group of experts (from ZML, BIB, SCC and decentralised operators), with which you can digitally supplement or compensate your teaching.

>> To the introductory webinars in ILIAS, MS Teams and Zoom (only visible within the KIT)

You can find the following information here:

These pages focus on technical and didactic issues. However, fundamental questions and guidelines on the subject of studies and teaching, as well as exams, are published on the central page of the Corona Crisis Staff External Link. Please also note that the scenarios proposed do not correspond to the usual procedure for the planning and implementation of online courses, which require more time and didactic advice for their development. The options have been selected according to the aspects of the promptly use by both lecturers and students, the least possible effort for creation, and the area-wide availability for all members of the KIT. This compilation will be adapted immediately in consideration of the changing situation.

The English-language online teaching offer is continuously expanded. We ask you kindly to be patient.