Scenarios of use of lecture recording

The possibilities of lecture recordings are as variable and flexible as their distribution via the internet. With our help you can exploit these possibilities according to your needs and preferences.
Recording Options

Lecture recording can be done in different ways depending on the preferences and habits of the lecturers or the equipment in the lecture hall. In the lecture halls with recording devices, lecturers can use the automated lecture recording fro free. In those without recording equipment, we offer a lecture recording service.
In any case, in addition to later provision, it is also possible to transmit the recorded content live to another location:

Contact persons at the ZML

Svenja Geißler
automated lecture recording
phone: +49 721 608 - 48154
E-Mail: svenja.geissler∂

Axel Fischer
further service packages
phone: +49 721 608 - 48203

Recording of the audio and presentation signal
Both the voice and the presentation or image of the document camera are recorded simultaneously. Both devices can also be used simultaneously. This lecture recording option is provided in the following lecture halls.
In post-processing (if booked), the two videos can be arranged alternately to form a final video, depending on the level of comfort.

Recording of the audio, pr4esentation and camera signal
A video with presentation and person appears more dynamic.
You decide where you want to place the video in the final video or whether to switch between projector and camera signal.
If a camera is already installed in the lecture hall, it can of course record the blackboard image. But also in lecture halls without an integrated camera system we offer the additional service of lecture recording using a mobile camera.

Recording of the audio and camera signal
Sometimes it is not useful or possible to record the beamer signal. In case of several speakers or if only the blackboard is used, a camera picture is a good option.
There are also lecture halls that are not yet equipped with recording technology. In this case, we are at your side with our mobile camera equipment and a wireless microphone. Of course, a qualitative post-processing and provision from our side can also be done here.