Recording of presentations or creation of instructional videos to replace the lecture (screen recording)

Recording typically refers to a video that includes presentation slides or hand drawings along with the lecturer's spoken remarks. For recording purposes, you can find instructions for PowerPoint, Open Broadcaster Software and Smartphone below - other recording tools can of course also be used.

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 process recordings

Phase 1: Creating recordings

In a first step, the creation of course content recordings as preparation for the summer semester can already be started. The recordings usually consist of screen contents and spoken explanations. For sound recording, the built-in microphone on your laptop or in your headphones (e.g. headset mobile phone) is often sufficient. Alternatively a headset can be used.

Phase 2: Editing recordings

In order to make the recordings available, they can be edited with simple means and - in order not to put too much strain on the systems - compressed.

Phase 3: Provide records

In ILIAS videos and recordings of teaching content can be easily managed and provided. These videos can be viewed by students. The videos are hosted and provided via KIT infrastructure. 
A download for students is not provided. To watch the videos students have to be registered in the respective ILIAS course. You as a teacher can make the videos visible or invisible in your course at any time and also delete them from the system. Please always use this way to provide videos. A direct provision as a file for download is oftentimes not useful.
If you do not only want to make your videos available to your students but also to publish them in a generally accessible way, you can also publish them additionally via KITopen.