Center for Technology-Enhanced Learning

Video editing in OpenCast

If you would like to have your video edited in OpenCast, there are various options for this, depending on the complexity of the editing.

  1. Simple video editing: The video only needs to be cut off at the beginning and end or perhaps a small part of the video needs to be cut out.
    → Contact the Media Center (opencast∂ with the editing instructions.
  2. Complex video editing: The video requires improvements in audio quality, parts may have to be made unrecognizable or several videos may have to be put together.
    → Please contact the ZML (webcast∂
    Depending on the effort involved, costs are incurred here.
  3. Cut the video yourself: Due to technical reasons this is not possible for every user in ILIAS/OpenCast. But you can cut your video yourself before uploading it.

If you prefer a clearer editing program, we can recommend the open source program Shotcut, which is available for all systems.