Center for Technology-Enhanced Learning
Wie wir arbeiten

Our way of working

We attach great importance to a transparent and collegial cooperation, which satisfies you and us as project partners and the result of which reaches the target group you are aiming for in the best possible way. This is how we offer you tailor-made clothing: together, we adapt tried and tested offers individually to achieve the desired effect on your target group. In consultation with you, we are also happy to take unconventional paths and try out completely new ideas.

(1) Advice and information
It is important for us to get to know you and your work, your ideas, requirements and goals in an initial meeting. Only when we have a concrete idea of what your goals are, we develop suggestions on how we can help you and make you an offer.


(2) Designing
We structure the information obtained in the discussion and, in close consultation, we design a concept for a concrete product. While you provide the content and ensure that the concept reflects your concerns in a technically correct way, we ensure that the presentation is up-to-date and appropriate for the target group.  
(3) Produce
To implement the concept agreed with you, we produce your content. It does not matter whether it is photos, graphics, animations, a video or sound - we make sure that the final product is harmonious for the target group.
(4) Release

We coordinate the final product with you and present it to the public. Depending on the offer, we advertise and distribute it on the target group relevant channels.


(5) Evaluation
Have our efforts achieved their goal? What was the response? - Based on these and other questions, we will discuss the success with you and follow up depending on the offer.

(+) That little bit more
We are happy to provide you with knowledge that will bring you closer to your goal. Therefore, we are happy to offer you individual workshops to match our offer. For example, in a video production we show you how to act naturally in front of the camera or how to distribute content via social media channels.