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Interview with course coordinator Beschka Siehl at explore-house.eu 

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Further Education Course 'Energy English'

The blended learning course 'Energy English' has been offered on an annual basis since 2013. The course aims to convey knowledge of the specific terminology for the energy sector, in combination with business English.

Target Group
This course is especially suitable for you

  • if you are already pursuing a career in the energy sector or plan to start one and wish to communicate more effectively with your international business partners;
  • if you are personally interested in energy topics and wish to your update and refine your English language skills;
  • if you (will) have enjoyed the MOOC "Power Up: English for the Energy Transition" and would like to explore in much greater depth the English language for the field of energy.

The blended learning concept involves a minimum of on-campus requirements, so that the course can be easily combined with work and family life.


Duration and Workload

Start date:


Face-to-face events:



to be announced
6 months

to be announced

Approx. 8 hrs per week

10 ECTS credit points

If you want to participate in this course, please fill in our registration form.
Before registration, please read the information on Costs & Examination and
Admission Requirements!


Listen to some participants who completed the course  – how they liked it and what they have learned.