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ILIAS: From equipment and material distribution to the use of groups

All courses offered online should be registered in the central Learning Management System ILIAS. Thus the essential information is available in one system. It is clear to us that the ILIAS system will therefore be even more stressed than before. The aim is to create a central information point for the students. References to other systems can be made from within ILIAS.

After the initial course setup ILIAS offers you the necessary functions to manage the course participants, to pass on teaching materials, to communicate with the students, to distribute work orders as well as to collect results and if required to set up virtual group work rooms.

For these basic teaching activities we have prepared short instructions for you:

  1. Basic Procedure of Event Management at KIT: This tutorial explains how the Campus Management System and ILIAS are connected and who is responsible for creating business events.
    >> Tutorial (PDF): Procedure of Training and Event Management (in German)
  2. Course creation: Description of how to create ILIAS course rooms.
    >> Instructions (PDF): Course creation (in German)
  3. Course settings: This tutorial describes the different course setting options and their functional meanings.
    >> Tutorial (PDF): Course settings (in German)
  4. Rights management: The tutorial describes the role concept of ILIAS and which settings are possible.
    >> Tutorial (PDF): Rights management (in German)
  5. Upload materials/generate simple course structure: This tutorial describes how to generate a simple course structure and set up the associated materials.
    >> Tutorial (PDF): Uploading and structuring materials (in German)
  6. Information distribution: The possibilities of information distribution in ILIAS course rooms are described
    >> Tutorial (PDF): Information distribution (in German)
  7. Groups and their administration: Administration and control of groups for collaborative work
    >> Tutorial (PDF): Group administration (in German)
  8. Exercises: This tutorial describes the possibilities of automated exercises.
    >> Tutorial (PDF): Exercises (in German)
  9. Test procedure in ILIAS:
  10. Booking pools in ILIAS: In this tutorial booking pools are described as a possibility for automated appointment or topic allocation.
    >> Tutorial (PDF): Booking pools (in German)
  11. Attractive course room design in ILIAS: visual and structural preparation of courses 
    >> Tutorial (PDF): Attractive course room design in ILIAS (in German)