Science Camp Geothermal Energy

The Landesforschungszentrum Geothermie has been offering the Science Camp Geothermal Energy in cooperation with the ZML for three years. We present different ways of using geothermal energy with experiments and illustrative material. This way you can form your own opinion on this topic. The results of the work will be documented in a presentation with the help of several iPads.

Contact person at ZML
Michael Gauss
Phone: +49 721 608-48206
E-mail: michael.gauss3∂

How can you get geothermal energy from the depths of the earth and convert it into electricity? Why is it warm at all in the depth?

The Science Camp Geothermal Energy is all about these questions and you can discover the secrets of geothermal energy through your own experiments. You can use the following questions as a guide:

  • Exploration - What is down there?
  • How do we get down there?
  • What processes take place at depth?
  • How can geothermal energy be used to generate electricity?
  • Geothermal energy and society, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the geothermal electricity generation?

You will also find out what can be learned about the geosciences through exciting experiments. In addition to your own experiments, we offer an excursion to a geothermal power plant in the region. There you can experience live how geothermal energy is used to generate electricity.

Furthermore, we provide an iPad for each group, with which presentations can be created.

Studying at KIT

Climate change, natural disasters, energy supply, water scarcity: Geoscientists deal with the urgent problems of our time. Is this interesting for you, too? Then geosciences at KIT could be the right study program for you!


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Science Camp Geothermal Energy

05.09. - 09.09.2022

for young people from 12-15 years

The cost share for meals, field excursion, experimental material, entrance fees and leisure program is 120 Euro. We start daily at 9 am, the day ends at about 5 pm.

Please note that the program may change depending on the pandemic situation. If necessary, the costs will be adjusted. It is expected that the 2G principle will apply to ensure the highest possible safety for the students. Our hygiene concept includes masks for visits, which we will provide for participants.


Registration information

Maximum number of participants: 15 students

The registration takes place online via the Pupil academy page.

The KIT will inform you directly about the acceptance or rejection. Please transfer the fee to the Schülerakademie only afterwards!


The Science Camp Geothermie is offered in close cooperation with the Landesforschungszentrum Geothermie, the Zentrum für Energie and the Schülerakademie Karlsruhe e.V..

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