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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

On this page we answer the most frequently asked questions. Please note that this is not a complete collection and not all consulting cases can be answered as FAQ. However, this page will be updated regularly. If you have further questions, please contact us by mail.

Do you have any more questions?

Then please contact us by mail: elearning∂

Questions about ILIAS

Usually I announce the course password for ILIAS during the first lecture session. What can I do if there is no first physical session?

We recommend that you choose an alternative joining procedure in ILIAS if you want to create a course with a closed group of participants. Select the option "join after confirmation" in the ILIAS settings. If students join the course they will then appear in the "Members" section of the course in the section "Applications for admission" where you can check the box for all persons to be admitted to the course and then click on "Assign - Execute" to admit the selected students to the course.

Why is the option "OpenCast" not available under "add new object"?

The problem is that a course room has already been created before the object was generally activated. Therefore, the permissions to create the object are not available. In order to set those permissions you have to scroll down in the tab "Permissions" in the column "Course administrator" and check the box "OpenCast". Then that object will be available in the selection list.

In addition course members (students) have to be granted viewing and reading rights for the OpenCast object. To do so, open the members' rights preferences by clicking on the column title "Course member" (green). In the now opened window with the rights settings of course members you have to scroll down to the object "openCast". Here you have to select the rights "OpenCast object is visible" and "Read access to opencast object". At the end of the entire listing these settings have to be saved.

Questions about Zoom

Does my student assistant also need a Zoom account?

No, that is not necessary. You can start your session a little earlier than usual, accept your student assistants from the waiting room into the meeting and assign them the role of co-host (in the participant window to the right of the name). This allows the student assistants to accept other participants from the waiting room into the meeting, moderate the chat, etc. Co-hosts have almost the same rights as the moderator.

I cannot confirm the privacy policy. What must I do?

Did you receive a confirmation e-mail asking you to accept the privacy policy?
   If not, please contact the person/unit from whom you requested the license.
   If so, please contact the SCC Service Desk, quoting your KIT code.

I have confirmed the privacy policy, but still can't access my account. What is going on?

  1. Did you try to log in with your KIT abbreviation or with your e-mail address? Please try logging in only with the KIT abbreviation. For security reasons the login does not work with the e-mail address.
  2. Once the privacy policy is confirmed, the licensing process will be initiated and it may take up to 24 hours to fully activate the account.
  3. If the login still does not work, the SCC Service Desk can reset or repair your account.

I cannot adjust my Zoom settings as described in the ZML manual. Why?

You probably have two accounts unknowingly (sometimes you create an account by mistake without realizing it). Please log out on all devices on which you have installed the Zoom app and then log in again with your KIT abbreviation. Now you should have access to all functions enabled by KIT.

Does ZML rent equipment?

No, we cannot offer equipment rental. For media rental, the KIT has the Media Center, which is part of the library. Please contact the colleagues there if you want to rent equipment.

I have a Zoom account for teaching. Can I use it to schedule other meetings, e.g. with project partners?

Please note that no information security can be guaranteed when using Zoom. Zoom was purchased for educational purposes at KIT. Virtual events fall under the responsibility of KIT Event Management and must be registered there. All other purposes are not covered by KIT and you act on your own responsibility. The KIT provides MS teams for such matters. You can invite external participants (up to 30 persons) there as well.

Questions about MS Teams

How do I get several MS teams for tutorials etc. for a course?

Let's say you want several MS Teams for a lecture with several exercise groups and tutorials. If the exercise groups are registered as independent events in Campus Management, you can create and use teams for the lecture in the same way. If this is not the case, please check if you can work with a separate channel in the lecture team. Alternatively, staff members can create teams manually in MS Teams, but students have to be added to them manually as described above. Students can create and organize their own teams in the Tenant for Students. However, employee accounts do not have access there.

Students cannot join the MS team for the course.

A course was mapped in MS Teams and a membership link was generated with CampusConnect which was made available via ILIAS.

Students get a message that they have been accepted after clicking on the link and in MS Teams they are also in the list of participants, but they do not see the course in the Teams interface. You cannot switch clients between the student and the employee.

This problem occurs sporadically with student accounts. These students must contact teams-support∂ to resolve the problem. This has to be done from the student email address of the corresponding account with the account code.

Questions about video recording and distribution

I want to share my recorded PowerPoint presentations as video, but I cannot export video to PowerPoint for Mac.

Without Office 356, PowerPoint for Mac does not offer the option of exporting to a video format. To convert your recorded presentations to video, you can use the KIT Remote Desktop Services. There, you will be provided with a full (virtual) Windows with PowerPoint 2019.

You can download the Microsoft RDS Client from the Mac App Store and configure it according to the instructions of the SCC: (support for this is also available from SCC).

Then you can transfer your PowerPoint data via a KIT drive (e.g. the OE drive or the KIT Nextcloud with browser access) to this virtual Windows and create a video file with the PowerPoint version available there. This in turn can be scaled down using the ZML's video compression instructions and made available via OpenCast.

Further questions

How do I get remote access to the centrally managed pool computers?

For the duration of the protection measures during the corona crisis, the SCC provides remote access to the centrally managed pool computers. For this purpose, the bwLehrpool team in Offenburg and Freiburg has created a possibility that is now also used at KIT.

Access is provided via (VPN required). A connection to a free computer is automatically established. Information on bwLehrpool is available at: A large number of software similar to local Windows can be found under the event "General Windows".

Instructions on how instructors can create the virtual machine themselves can be found here:

For questions and feedback please contact Ulrike Rogge.