Equipment for experimental lectures

This scenario allows up to 4 HDMI devices as sources. Using the video mixer, the teacher can reliably and conveniently switch between these sources at the touch of a button during the lecture. The signal mixed in this way is displayed in the lecture hall via the lecture hall system and at the same time released in Zoom for external participants via a laptop (PC Zoom Meeting) using screen sharing. Zoom sharing does not need to be changed when switching sources. Audio can also be played in the lecture hall and in Zoom simultaneously with the lecture via all sources.

For external participants, a picture of the teacher is also available in Zoom; this is not displayed in the lecture hall. The Zoom meeting will be controlled by an additional laptop, here an additional person will be responsible for moderating the online participants.

Allow approx. 10 minutes for set-up and dismantling. Depending on the degree of implementation, material costs between 500 and 1000€ will be incurred. Please contact elearning∂ to arrange a consultation with the possibility of demonstration at your location to determine the appropriate combination of devices for your specific needs.