Equipment for seminars

In addition to your laptop, the setup consists of a tripod, a tracking camera that can record a 180° area, a wireless microphone set with up to two microphones and the necessary connection cables. Depending on the volume of your laptop's speaker, another speaker is added. Everything together weighs less than 3 kg and is easily transportable. The cost of a set is between 500 and 750 €, depending on the equipment.

The hardware and the setup are described on the page about hybrid seminars.

If you have alternative, proven implementations in your department, we would be happy to present them to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Wired Internet access is strongly recommended. Streaming via WLAN is often unstable. Wired Internet access is usually provided via LTA. Please check the availability in the seminar room as early as possible and, if necessary, clarify this with the ITB of the institute.