Holding hybrid lectures

You will receive targeted support for hybrid lectures. Central lecture halls are equipped with hardware for the scenario "Presentation and Visualizer" and you will receive detailed step-by-step instructions for implementation. In addition, you will receive recommendations for the scenarios "Use of blackboards" and "Conducting experiments" for independent implementation as well as the purchase of the hardware to be supplemented for this on your own responsibility. In all scenarios, interaction and communication with the students participating online is possible in addition to the live stream from the lecture hall.

For tests to test the technology, please make an appointment via the lecture hall allocation (lehrraumvergabe∂aserv kit edu). This will automatically notify the lecture room supervisors of the reservation and the room will then be open and overlap with other uses will be prevented. In Building Services, you will find contact information for the Media Technology team if you encounter any problems or need additional instruction beyond the instruction sheet. 

For face-to-face events, please follow the current rules for risk assessment and necessary infection control measures such as 3G controls. These can be found on the SUM pages updated daily (only accessible from the intranet).

Special requirements: If you have specific requirements that cannot be mapped with the proposed settings, technical implementation can also be contracted, on a small scale, from the ZML (axel.fischer∂kit.edu) for a fee. More complex implementations with multiple moving cameras are also possible.