Organizing hybrid formats

When organizing hybrid formats, in addition to simply conducting them on-site via livestream and chat, you also need to consider the allocation of limited seats, compliance with 3G rules (Vaccinated, Convalescent, Tested), and contact tracking. These subpages describe how to implement this and where to find the respective information in the current version.

For contact tracing KONKIT is available on site. A system that works with student and staff ID cards as well as a smartphone and QR code capture option. More information is available at

The current regulations on infection protection in rooms of KIT and the resulting questions can be found on the central FAQ pages on dealing with the Corona virus in the section Studies and Teaching.

Further topics, e.g. which incidence level is currently valid, can be found at the Corona Coordination Office. Current regulations and room capacities can be found on the SUM information page (only accessible from the KIT network).