Center for Technology-Enhanced Learning

Use of automated recording

In recent years, several lecture halls have been equipped with a recording facility permanently as part of the media technology. This is a joint project of A-SERV, FM, Library and ZML and is supported by the Presidential Board. The automatic recording infrastructure should have been available in the project at the end of 2021. Within the project, changes were made at short notice so that as many automated recordings as possible can be made available free of charge in the winter semester. This means that automated recordings can already be used in the winter semester with minor restrictions.

What is recorded?

As a rule, the recording consists of the beamer image and the lecturer's speech. Since providing all students with the same contents is a priority, there are certain restrictions, e.g. the blackboard cannot be used for a recording in a meaningful way. Likewise, a recording of interactive elements such as a discussion with students is not possible. This would contradict the mandatory requirements resulting from the topic of data protection.

Recordings start 5 minutes before the start of the lecture and record 10 more minutes after the end of the lecture, so that the end is not missing even if the lecture is overrun.

What is the procedure if the recording is to be used?

Please contact svenja.geissler∂ by e-mail as soon as possible. You will then receive feedback as to whether the recording can be realized.

Systems in test operation - what does this mean?

In some lecture halls the system has not yet been tested for reliability under long term operating conditions. Nevertheless, this recording option should be offered to you there. You will be informed in these cases. If you are using a system in test operation, it is recommended that you use Zoom as a backup for your own recording. Usually the automatic recording works and you can delete the self recording. If the automatic recording has failed you can simply upload your backup to ILIAS to ensure that no recording is missing.

List of usable lecture halls

Current regulations and room capacities can be found on the information page of SUM.


Building name

Lecture room

Additional recording
via Zoom recommended


Administration building, main building

Hertz - Lecture hall



Collegiate Building Civil Engineers II

Large lecture hall



College Building Civil Engineers II

Small lecture hall



Civil Engineers, Old Civil Engineering

Redtenbacher - Hs


Civil engineers, Old civil engineering building

Grashof - Hs


Tulla Building

Tulla - Lecture hall



Electrotechnical Institute

NTI - Lecture hall



Flat Physics

Gaede lecture hall



Flat Physics

Otto Lehmann lecture hall



Lighting Technology

LTI - Lecture hall


Chemical Flatware

Lecture hall Chemistry 1



Chemical Flatware

Lecture room Chemistry 2



Chemical Flatware

Lecture hall Chemistry 3



Chemical Flatware

Chemistry lecture hall 4



Chemistry lecture hall building

Lecture hall Neue Chemie




Audimax - lecture hall



Sports building

Sport - Lecture hall



Engler-Bunte Institute

EBI - Lecture Hall