Center for Technology-Enhanced Learning

Scenario A: Lecture with recording

In this scenario, only a recording is made. This means that primarily the students present on site work together with the lecturer, who records the lecture and provides it online afterwards. This is particularly suitable if the room is sufficient for all students while maintaining corona hygiene conditions and an alternative is only to be provided for individual students.

As a rule, the recording consists of the beamer image and the speech of the lecturer. Since providing the content for all students equally has priority, there are certain restrictions, e.g. the blackboard cannot be used for a recording in a meaningful way. The visualizer can be used instead of the blackboard. Also, a recording of interactive elements such as a discussion with students is not intended. This would contradict the mandatory requirements resulting from the topic of data protection.

Several lecture halls have already been equipped in the last years. For this reason, the recording can be used there in a particularly convenient way, largely automated. In the other lecture halls, self recording with the help of Zoom can be used as an alternative.