Hybrid teaching scenarios

Scenario A: Lecture with recording

Suitable if only a recording is to be made available with a time delay.

In some lecture halls technology for automated recording is available. This records the spoken word of the lecturer and the beamer signal. The recording is automatically provided in ILIAS.

In lecture halls or seminar rooms that are not equipped in this way, a self recording can alternatively be made using Zoom.

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Scenario B: Lecture as livestream

Livestream of the lecture with Zoom usually without recording to allow more interaction. Since there is no recording, the students connected online can voluntarily share their own video image and participate via audio.

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Scenario C: Seminar as video conference with students on site

Holding a seminar without recording, with interaction also between students. Participation is carried out with a division of the students into present and online participation. The seminar can be held in seminar rooms with a low number of participants.

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Decision support


Asynchronous participation through recording

Synchronous participation via livestream

Interaction with students

Lecture with recording



Only students in the lecture hall

Lecture as livestream

Possibl when parts are recorded without interaction.


Students in the lecture hall and online participants via text chat or spoken contribution (video/sound)

Seminars as video conference with students on site



With restrictions also interaction of students in the seminar room with online participants