Lecture Translator

The Lecture Translator (LT) is an IT infrastructure for machine speech recognition and translation. Similar to subtitles in films, students can read the lecture in real time via the internet on a computer screen. The system is available at KIT in many lecture halls. A mobile version is also available, so that events outside a lecture hall can be realized after consultation.

If you are interested in the Lecture Translator for the summer semester 2020, lecturers can contact Dr. Stüker of the IAR.

How can teachers use the Lecture Translator?

You can book the Lecture Translator by e-mail at info∂lecture-translator.kit.edu at least one week in advance. This can be done once per semester for a whole lecture series. Let us know when and in which lecture hall the lecture should take place. We will then automatically activate the Lecture Translator for these dates in the lecture hall. All you have to do is use the lecture hall microphone so that the audio data can be translated. You can then inform your students about the special service in your course. They access the website with the live translation using their own mobile devices. There are no costs for you.

Advantages of the Lecture Translator

The Lecture Translator helps to overcome language barriers:


The Lecture Translator increases accessibility in KIT lecture halls:


The Lecture Translator improves teaching:

Live subtitles in several languages are provided with comparison to solely the German text during the lecture.

Students with restrictions are supported by the possibility to read along live.

It enables students to follow up on their work by optionally providing the translation after the course.

You decide whether the live translation can be accessed only by password, only from the KIT network, or worldwide. The translation is carried out on SCC servers, thus ensuring that the data remain within the KIT network.

Project MINTernational

The Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft has recognized the innovative potential of the Lecture Translator and its excellent ability to provide technical simultaneous translation of German-language lectures into other languages. The award is connected with a grant to better open up the commitment for the German university landscape based on the successful use at KIT. More about the project.


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Live demo at the "Strategy beyond Borders" conference Berlin 2019