Application scenarios of live streaming

Live streaming options:

As with lecture recording, the three different signals can be recorded in different combinations.

With regard to the audience you can choose between:

  • worldwide
  • campus-wide
  • restricted
  • private

Additional possibilities:

  • live chat function
  • live control room system

Contact person at ZML
Axel Fischer
Phone: +49 721 608 - 48203
e-mail: axel.fischer∂


Svenja Geissler
Phone: +49 721 608 - 48154
e-mail: svenja.geissler∂


The possible applications have no limits, provided that the technical equipment on site is correspondingly up-to-date. Even if not: we will be happy to come to you with our equipment.

Maybe you have a new project. We are happy to advise you and will be happy to take unconventional paths together with you.

Lecture Programming, WS 2013/14, Lesson 01, held on 21.10.2014 by Dr. Sinz, KIT Faculty of Computer Science The lecture was transmitted from the Audimax to the two multimedia lecture halls of the main computer science building.

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Publication of the videos

The records are distributed through the following channels of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology:

YouTube| KITopen