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Mission MOOC: ZML is committed to Massive Open Online Courses at the state level

MOOCs, Massive Open Online Courses, not only detach teaching from the university location and promise education for all, but they are also an instrument for universities to position themselves in the international education market and, for example, to be able to attract new learners in the field of academic continuing education. Uniform legal framework conditions and an improvement of the existing infrastructure are an important step towards promoting the production and implementation of MOOCs in Baden-Württemberg's universities as well.

For this purpose, the Center for Technology-Enhanced Learning (ZML) has founded a thematic group within the Higher Education Network Digitization of Teaching Baden-Württemberg (HND-BW), which brings together the expertise available at a few locations, takes into account the overarching challenges and reflects the importance of the topic for the university location Baden-Württemberg. At the end of the year, the MOOC thematic group drew up a corresponding proposal for improving the current framework conditions and placed it with the network. The proposal currently provides for activities in the area of expanding the production infrastructure (especially video production), the development of qualification measures for teachers, but also for service units to support their own MOOC projects. This proposal also addresses overarching, specifically legal issues. At present, universities in the state, coordinated by the HND-BW, vote on the proposal and its submission to the state rectors' conferences and the Ministry of Science, Research and Art Baden-Württemberg (MWK). If you are interested in information about the activities of the MOOC thematic group or would like to participate actively, please contact Sarah Holstein.

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