SMART Reader: A digital tool for flexible and clear learning

Agile teaching has long been accompanied by many W questions. As early as the last century, there were calls for teaching to be opened up to more agile models. There are now a number of learning concepts and scenarios in which the learning needs of learners can be flexibly addressed. But how can such scenarios and models be combined without it becoming confusing and complicated?

The SMART Reader is an innovative approach to presenting learning materials clearly and flexibly. Svenja Geißler combines various elements in an HTML-based, thematically organized e-book for her courses. Thanks to its special features and advantages, the SMART Reader supports agile teaching approaches and enables individual adaptation to the needs of learners.

An outstanding feature of the SMART Reader is the enrichment of the learning material with pop-up additional information. This provides learners with additional explanations as required and allows them to deepen their understanding. Interactive knowledge assessments are offered during and after the learning units. Upon successful completion, learners receive a "badge". If there are any gaps in their knowledge, they are given specific instructions on where they can re-read the content.

Each unit in the SMART Reader includes basic content, associated knowledge checks, sorted links to external information and differentiating materials. It therefore offers a wide range of options for individualizing and differentiating the learning process. Learning progress can be checked with regular quizzes. This function promotes the active involvement of learners and increases their motivation. Visible progress and rewards such as stars for correct answers have a positive influence on learning behavior. The progress indicator gives learners an overview of the content they have worked on.

The SMART Reader is not only easy to create, but also proves to be an effective structuring aid for courses. Whether a complete script, individual texts or videos - it makes it possible to present all relevant materials and tasks in one central location. The agility of the SMART Reader is demonstrated by its adaptability to individual needs and situational requirements. The tool is responsive and can be used on various devices.

Furthermore, the SMART Reader is barrier-free and offers optimal support in the upstream self-learning phase for concepts such as EduScrum or Inverted Classroom. In addition to its receptivity, it also enables active design options. Learners can create or compile their own learning material. The SMART Reader's cross-platform and free software makes it accessible to everyone.