Teacher training "Economics in high school - online for teachers at general secondary schools".

Due to the strong interest shown in the subject of economics and the continuing need for further training in economics for teachers at general secondary schools, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports has extended the in-service training in the field of economics.

The eight-month, internet-supported advanced training course 'Economics in high school - online' starts every year in September. A maximum of 50 participants from general secondary schools in Baden-Württemberg are admitted.

Contact person at ZML
Michaela Koehl
Phone: +49 721 608-48202
e-mail: michaela.koehl∂kit.edu

How does the registration take place?
The call for applications is sent to the school administrators in spring each year via the Center for School Quality and Teacher Training (ZSL). The application is made through official channels directly to the responsible regional office of the ZSL.

Contact information for the regional offices of the Center for School Quality and Teacher Training (ZSL): https://zsl.kultus-bw.de/,Lde/Startseite/einrichtungen/regionalstellen

Since the number of participants is limited to 50 persons nationwide, the selection is made in the respective regional offices with the participation of the district staff council.

Who is the target group?
The offer is aimed at interested teachers of the secondary level II in general education high schools for the subjects social studies and/or geography, who would like to qualify for the teaching of the subject economics in the course level.

What is the objective?
Teachers are prepared for the requirement of sound teaching in the subject of economics at the course level. The contents are based on the topics of the 2016 educational plan.

What is the procedure?
The training is offered as blended learning, which refers to a targeted mix of various present and digital learning methods and formats. Integrated into the online phases, which are accompanied by experienced specialist tutors, there are two attendance phases with a total of five event days in addition to a one-day introductory event.

The focus of these classroom events is the didactic implementation of the subject content. Active teaching and learning procedures of economic education for the development of methodological competence should be practiced and a combination of theory and practice should be aimed for.

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