The Center for Technology-Enhanced Learning as a project partner

We are specialized in designing and implementing projects based on media didactics and have many years of experience in the field of e-learning. As a project partner we are involved in various joint projects and enrich them through our interdisciplinary approach.

In addition, we are media-didactic service provider and project partner at KIT and take over the conception, realization, and maintenance of e-learning services. In this area, we offer consulting and assistance in addition to the SCC and the KIT library. We have been able to gain experience in many years of cooperation: As a former study center of the FernUniversität Hagen, for example, we have extensive expertise in the field of distance learning; as a partner of KIT faculties and institutes, we support media-based university teaching. Furthermore, we support lecturers in the use of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

digiMINT Projekt

Creation of real and virtual spaces to develop the academic competence of student teachers.

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Bild Energy Lab
Energy Lab 2.0

The Energy Lab 2.0 intelligently networks power generators, storage and consumers. This is how we are driving the energy revolution.

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EUCOR, Projekt, international, European Campus

Eucor aims to strengthen cooperation in research and teaching within Europe.

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Logo: Make Your School
Make Your School

At Hackdays, students can help shape their school and solve projects of their own choosing to improve the school through programming, tinkering, and crafting.

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E-Prüfung, Online-Prüfung,

Develop and use the potential of digital examination formats for teachers and learners across universities.

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Strategy fund project on online examinations at KIT

Development of a concept for an integrated process for the implementation of online examinations using exemplary settings

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Digital Learning Nuggets for Vocational High School Teachers.

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Science Camps
Offers for pupils

Various projects aim to get young people interested in scientific and technical topics at an early age.

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Abgeschlossene Projekte
Completed projects