Center for Technology-Enhanced Learning

Digital tools can help in the organisation of work processes, such as the planning, implementation and follow-up of learning opportunities, but also in learning itself. In this section, we would like to introduce you to various digital tools and techniques that can be usefully applied in the educational sector. As this is a segment of our newsletter, this collection will be expanded with each new issue. The tools and techniques presented can be software, internet tools, but also hardware equipment that can be used in digital learning.

Interaktiver Videoplayer
Interactive Video Player

When producing a video, it is often not easy to choose a perspective. ZML's Multi-Angle Video Player now brings more interactivity. The video player, which can be used publicly without any restrictions, not only allows switching between different perspectives, but also opens up completely different dimensions in knowledge transfer: Using various special cameras, it is possible to switch between thermal imaging, UV and normal cameras, for example. It is also possible to switch between different language variants and different narrative perspectives. In total, up to three video and audio tracks can be integrated, between which the user can decide for himself.

DFN Conf

Perfect for meetings, lectures, and MOOCs: Since last year, the new platform of the video conferencing service DFNConf is available to all KIT staff free of charge. The service enables video conferences with participants worldwide, which can be set up, organized, and conducted independently of the platform. Access is also individual: DFNConf can be accessed not only via video conferencing systems but also via smartphone apps, web-based solutions, or simple telephone dial-in.

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