As an alternative to automated lecture recording, it is possible to record oneself by other means. Thus, in principle, any event can be recorded with little effort if desired.

Many teaching rooms are prepared for you to use the microphones and cameras available in the room. The recording is done conveniently via Zoom. The provision with ILIAS is managed in the OpenCast Recording Administration (OC-AV).

  • Prepare recording (once at the beginning of the semester).
    Create a recording series in OC-AV (LINK to follow end of September) and add it to the associated ILIAS course. (LINK instructions will follow end of September)
  • Create self-recording (single dates)
    At KIT, you can conveniently set up self-recordings using the ZOOM program. On this page you will find all necessary information for self-recording.
  • Editing the recording
    For editing with simple means LosslessCut is suitable (e.g. cut out beginning and end, merge several videos): Instructions for video editing with LosslessCut

  • Upload to ILIAS (individual events)
    After the event, upload the recording file from Zoom directly into ILIAS. The recording will then be converted and available to students in the course a short time later.
    Instruction Recording ILIAS
  • Administration via OC-AV
    You manage self-recordings together with the automated recordings directly in the OC-AV (link will follow at the end of September).