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Shanghai - Karlsruhe: More than 8,900 kilometers lie between these two cities with different cultures. But the scientific topics that young people from Europe and Asia find interesting and relevant are similar: energy, mobility and information. With the "Science Exchange Program Karlsruhe - Shanghai", pupils who are interested in scientific and/or technical topics and are currently in their 10th or 11th year of secondary school are given the opportunity to deal with these topics and at the same time get to know everyday life in the other culture.

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Under the motto "Culture and science in a different way", young people from Karlsruhe and Shanghai are made curious about each other and can take part in each other's everyday life, in order to get to know the different points of view and traditions. At the same time, by working together on and designing the selected project topics from the fields of "Energy - Mobility - Information", they can work concretely interculturally and build bridges. They are supported in their project work by project partners, scientists, and KIT students.

Structure of the programme

The program consists of three phases for the students:

  • Preparatory Phase
  • Project week in Karlsruhe and
  • Visit to Shanghai

At the end of the project, the young people write a work and travel report, and at the end of the project they receive a certificate of participation.


The first program phase takes place in spring.

In three project meetings, each lasting two days, the German pupils, supported by the ZML, prepare the visit of the Chinese delegation and coordinate the planned projects with the KIT partners. In order to optimally support the exchange, the Karlsruhe youths will also acquire intercultural and project management skills in workshops during this phase. In addition, the pupils jointly design a supporting program for the project week, which includes, for example, a barbecue or an excursion to the Heidelberg Castle.

The project week in Karlsruhe is planned for the summer. In the course of this week, the students from Shanghai will be welcomed at home by the young people from the Karlsruhe region. During this period, they will work together in small groups on the various projects in KIT laboratories and institutes.

The return visit to Shanghai is planned for autumn. In the context of an approximately two-week journey, Shanghai and Beijing are to be visited, among other places. All German young people will also be accommodated with their partners during this time.

A detailed report on the progress of the 2017 Science Exchange Program can be found here. Follow-up reports on the Science Exchange Program 2012 can be found in English on the KIT News pages and on the KIT International Affairs pages.

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