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Notes on using Zoom for students

The use of Zoom is currently being discussed and commented on in the press. Therefore, please note the following data protection information on the use of zoom at KIT:

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  • Data Protection Notice for Zoom Use at KIT

    Within the scope of its possibilities, KIT endeavors to use solutions for online teaching that comply with data protection regulations. Due to the currently not realizable scaling of existing services, cloud-based online settings must also be used. Lecturers and students are free to decide whether they want to use a cloud-based service or not, knowing which data protection concerns exist on the one hand and how indefinitely possible alternatives to using the cloud-based service will be available on the other.  

    In the summer semester of 2020, the study program was suspended, classroom teaching was not possible, and courses were offered as online events in order to maintain teaching operations. 

    In order to compensate for the disadvantages of this special summer semester, the deadline for all students to take the orientation examination and repeat examinations was extended by one semester. In addition, students who were in the highest subject semester according to the study and examination regulations in the 2020 summer semester were automatically granted an extension of one semester. 

    In the winter semester 2020 there will be classroom courses again - as long as the Corona guideline allows it. In addition, due to the hygiene regulations, there will also have to continue to be online courses or hybrid courses. 

    If a course is only offered in online format and a student does not wish to attend it, e.g. for the reasons of data protection mentioned above, a case-by-case assessment would have to be made.  

    The student is first advised to contact the person responsible for the course and, if necessary, to find an alternative to take note of the examination material elsewhere.  

    Furthermore, a distinction must be made between the type of course. If necessary, the student can attend the course at a later date without this having a negative effect on examination deadlines and take the corresponding examination at a later date. 

    If an examination deadline is exceeded due to non-participation (in the course or examination performance), an extension of the deadline can be applied for at the responsible examination board in accordance with the study and examination regulations. The board of examiners decides on this request. 

    For further information, please refer to the central FAQ.

  • Privacy policy for students using Zoom (in German, 2021/11/26))

Zoom offers the possibility to hold lectures and seminars online. At KIT, Zoom is used for two scenarios during the corona crisis:

  • Online lectures

    In a lecture part, the lecture material is explained by the lecturer. As a student you should switch off your audio and/or video for this part. This part can optionally be recorded by the lecturer and made available in ILIAS. In a second part after finishing a potential recording you can paprticipate and ask questions via microphone and/or activate your camera if you wish.

  • Online seminars

    Online seminars are generally not recorded in order to allow more interaction between you as a student and the lecturer. You can participate in the seminar on a voluntary basis via audio or video and thus interact with your fellow students and lecturer. All participants also have the opportunity to share their screen and contribute to the seminar on a whiteboard or via the commentary function. To protect your student data, online seminars must not be recorded. 

Instructions on how to use the zoom for students can be found below. This is also intended to be passed on by teachers to their students.