From simple instructional videos to complex animated videos to the implementation of a completely video-based online course in MOOC format – we support you with a flexible range of services. At the ZML, we draw on years of experience in creating individual media products and targeting different audiences such as students, professionals and managers, teachers and pupils, teachers and pupils. We believe in transparent and cooperative collaboration that satisfies both you and us as project partners, ensuring that the results reach your intended target group in the best possible way. Together, we adapt offers individually to achieve the desired effect on your target group. In collaboration with you, we also like to take unconventional paths and try out completely new ideas.

Contact persons at the ZML
Christian Wetzel
Phone: +49 721 608-48212
E-mail: christian.wetzel∂

Andreas Sexauer
Phone: +49 721 608-48215
E-mail: andreas.sexauer∂


How we work

(1) Consult and inform
It is important for us to get to know you and your work, your ideas, requirements and goals in an initial conversation. Only after we have a good idea of what goal you are pursuing, do we develop proposals on how we can help you and make you an offer.


(2) Conceptualize
We structure the information gained in the interview and, in close consultation, draft a concept for a concrete product. While you provide the content and ensure that the concept reflects your concerns in a professionally correct manner, we ensure that it is presented in a way that is appropriate for the target group.  
(3) Produce
In order to implement the concept agreed with you, we produce your content. It does not matter whether it is photos, graphics, animations, a video or sound - we take care of a harmonious end product for the target group.

(4) Release

We coordinate the final product with you and present it to the public. Depending on the offer, we advertise and distribute it on the channels relevant to the target group.


5) Evaluate
Did our efforts achieve their goal? How was the response? - On the basis of these and other questions, we discuss the success with you and follow up depending on the offer.
(+) That little bit more
We are happy to impart knowledge that will bring you closer to your goal. That is why we gladly offer you individual workshops in line with our range of services. For example, we can show you how to act naturally in front of the camera during a video production or how to distribute content on social media channels.