Center for Technology-Enhanced Learning

Coordination Office for Digitization in Teaching at KIT

The implementation of digitization in teaching can only be successful in the long term and throughout the university if it is perceived as a joint task of all responsible actors, levels and persons and is dovetailed accordingly. It is the task of the ZML to ensure this networking at KIT and to coordinate distributed responsibilities and activities.

In accordance with its mission, the Center for Technology-Enhanced Learning (HoC-ZML) acts as a contact and coordination point for topics of digital teaching at KIT. It is committed to the continuous and systematic development of media use in teaching in order to actively shape the future of technology-enhanced teaching at KIT.

In this context, the ZML sees itself on the one hand as a representative of the KIT teaching staff, takes up their requirements and needs, bundles them and represents them in the relevant committees defined in the IV governance: Media and IV Coordination (MIK), Committee for IV Infrastructure (A-IVI), and in the Steering Committee IV Studies & Teaching. On the other hand, the focus of the content is based on strategic considerations, derived from:

Contact persons at ZML
Michaela Koehl
Phone: +49 721 608-48202
E-mail: michaela.koehl∂

Sarah Holstein
Phone: +49 721 608-48219
e-mail: sarah.holstein∂

Andreas Sexauer
Phone: +49 721 608-48215
e-mail: andreas.sexauer∂

Umbrella strategy KIT 2025
(only KIT internally available)

The umbrella strategy defines essential framework requirements for digitization in academic education and for the information technology development at KIT.

Mission Statement for Studies and Teaching


With its focus on research-oriented teaching, KIT takes into account its dual mission as a university of the State of Baden-Württemberg and as a national research center in the Helmholtz Association.

Information Processing and Supply (IV) Strategy of KIT

The IV strategy addresses the special issues of digitization in studies and teaching in one of 10 focus topics. This is currently the subject of intensive discussion and prioritization in the committees established by the IV governance decided in 2017.

Scientific management

Prof. Dr. Gerd Gidion
E-mail: gerd.gidion∂

Several service units are involved in providing services in the field of digital teaching. With the e-learning service pages, the ZML has created a central portal for users to transparently present services and offers independent of the provider and to provide contact persons within KIT. To ensure a coordinated procedure between the organizational units, the ZML is in regular exchange with the service units Library, Steinbuch Center for Computing, General Services, and Facility Management.

For the Digital Office, the ZML acts as the first point of contact in the field of digital teaching and contributes its expertise by leading the corresponding working groups. Externally, the ZML also acts as a central point of contact for questions regarding digital teaching at KIT and operates a network with relevant institutions and partners such as the Hochschulforum Digitalisierung, the Hochschulnetzwerk Digitalisierung der Lehre Baden-Württemberg (HND-BW),, or TU9.