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Opportunities for hybrid teaching

The aim is to offer as much teaching in attendance as possible, especially for first-year students. In compliance with the Corona hygiene regulations, the available lecture halls and rooms are often not sufficient for all students, or students may not be able to participate on site for other reasons. A solution are hybrid formats that combine present forms of participation with online participation by providing either a recording and/or a live stream of the lecture or course. To enable this to take place on a large scale, the existing infrastructure in the lecture halls will be supplemented with the possibilities of Zoom and additional hardware, and information material will be made available for lecturers. For seminar rooms, advice is given on suitable hardware for independent implementation.

In addition, a webinar on the possibilities of hybrid teaching in the winter semester 2020/2021 was held. The recording is available within the KIT-VPN.

Attention: Attractive but demanding in implementation

The implementation of hybrid teaching scenarios, which represent a combination of classroom and online courses, places additional demands on lecturers. In any case, the scenarios should be tested beforehand to avoid starting difficulties, especially of a technical nature. It is hardly possible to keep both worlds in view at the same time. We therefore strongly recommend that you get support in the form of an student assistant or a member of staff, e.g. for moderating the online participants.

Further Information

Attention: The lecture halls have not yet been adapted as planned due to delivery delays. We will inform you about the current status of the individual lecture halls on this page. Please refer to the shown table to see what is already available in which lecture hall.
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Hybrid, Blended Learning... What is that?
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General notes on implementation
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Hybrid teaching scenarios
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Equipment of lecture halls and seminar rooms
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Organization of the allocation of places