Open Book Upload Exam

Initially, this scenario was called Open Book Exam @ Home, but it was renamed to make it easier to distinguish. In an Open Book Upload exam, students are given one or more assignments via ILIAS, which they complete digitally from home within a defined time frame of usually a few hours; handwritten work may also be possible. Aids are permitted within the given framework. Students download the exam as a file at the beginning of the time window, work on it digitally or on paper and upload the results as a submission immediately after the end of the processing time in a limited time window. The submission includes the declaration of independent processing and indication of the aids in accordance with the examiners' specifications. The time periods and the authentication of the students are controlled via ILIAS using the KIT account.

As an introduction, we also recommend the recording of the webinar: Digital Prüfen mit ILIAS - Eine Option fürs WiSe 20/21? from 25.11.2020 as well as the video: The scenario: "Upload exam with ILIAS" on the Corona Webinar page.

Checklists, click instructions and templates can be found collected in a material folder in ILIAS (You must be logged into ILIAS to access the content. The contents are only released for KIT employees).


For the scenario Open Book Upload-Klausur you will find there:


  • An information how to reserve exam dates for online exams in CAS Campus and how to create exam environment.
  • A checklist for examiners for the Upload Exam scenario. This describes the process of planning, creating, conducting, and archiving an exam in this format.
  • Click instructions for an upload examination for lecturers. This shows how to create such an exam in ILIAS step by step.
  • A sample letter that lecturers can use after individual adaptation to inform their students about the implementation of such an exam.
  • Instructions for students on how to conduct such an exam, which lecturers can pass on to their students
  • A guide for students on how to use a scanning app, which lecturers can pass on to their students as required
  • A course template that can be used to create such an exam (see click instructions for explanation).
  • As well as a sample exam in the folder on ILIAS for students to refer to in order for lecturers to try out completing such an exam.


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