On Campus Pool Room Exams

In On Campus scenarios, the exam is conducted in the centrally managed pool rooms of KIT. Students work on the tasks provided on one of the KIT computers, which is placed in a separate mode for the duration of the exam.

The computers available in the pool rooms are configured in advance for the respective exam by means of a virtual machine. In this way, the exam environment can be designed variably and the range of functions of the PCs can be limited to the applications necessary for processing.

Currently, different forms of "online exams" and "upload exams" can be realized in the KIT pool rooms. Further information on the scenarios can be found on the respective subpages.

The pool room scenarios combine advantages of a classical face-to-face exam such as increased security against cheating by supervision, optional privacy screens between seats as well as proof of identity and presence of the exam participants with supporting technical functions such as restriction of network access.

Compared to the remote scenarios permitted on the kit, the pool room scenarios offer comparable starting conditions for all exam takers thanks to the infrastructure provided and, in addition to simplified technical support, allow uniform transmission of exam data.

All materials can be found in ILIAS under Magazine > Exams > Materials for Examiners. There you will also find instructions for students for each scenario, which you can pass on to the examinees so that they can familiarize themselves with the respective scenario and its technical requirements before taking a mock exam. Important note: The materials for WS22/23 are currently still being revised.

Please also note the blog on ILIAS with news on current developments and tips on written digital exam formats.

If the change to a digital format is accompanied by a change in the content of the exam, e.g. if you are switching from a written exam to a digital format for the first time, you should also inform the students about this at an early stage and provide practice opportunities for the new content-related task format.


Contact persons at the ZML
Judith Borel (On Campus)
Phone: +49 721-608-48205
E-mail: judith.borel∂kit.edu

Sarah Holstein (On Campus)
Phone: +49 721 608-48219
E-mail: sarah.holstein∂kit.edu