Make Your School

How can students learn to deal with the challenges of digitization? In the project "Make Your School - Your Ideas Workshop"project, they have the opportunity to tackle problems at their school using digital and technical tools. On so-called hackdays, they can help shape their school and solve self-selected projects to improve the school with programming, tinkering and handicrafts. As part of "Make Your School," we will be going to four different schools in Karlsruhe next year together with the KIT Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (ETIT).

Contact persons at the ZML
Michael Gauss
Phone: +49 721 608-48206
E-mail: michael.gauss3∂

Alexander Hock
Phone: +49 721 608-48218
E-mail: alexander.hock∂

The Hackdays always begin with the formulation of one or more problems that the students have observed in the school environment. In small teams, they develop possible solutions. Technical aids such as tools, sensor units, or microcontrollers are available to them. In addition, the young people are supported by KIT students and accompanied by professional impulses and help for self-help in the implementation of their projects during the Hackdays.

The Hackdays contribute to the improvement of digital education at schools and introduce the young people to a wide range of digital and electronic tools. Furthermore, the ability to identify problems and possibilities for improvement, to work in a team, and to develop solutions independently is to be promoted. The schools are the organizers of the respective Hackdays, but are supported by KIT in technical and organizational terms.

"Make Your School" is a project of Wissenschaft im Dialog. The Klaus Tschira Foundation is a nationwide sponsor. The Vector Foundation is regional sponsor for Baden-Württemberg.

Other offerings of "Make Your School" include the annual Maker Festival, where the best hacks of the school year are presented and awarded. In addition, "Make Your School" is building a nationwide network and works with regional partner organizations that coordinate and implement hackdays at schools in their region.

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