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Webinars on ILIAS, Zoom and MS Teams

In the next semester, a large part of the courses will continue to be offered online. Hybrid teaching scenarios will be added, which represent a combination of present sessions and online courses.

To support your planning, we have put together a series of webinars to inform you about the new hybrid options, provide tips for supplementing existing concepts, and familiarize new lecturers with the already proven online formats. In addition, we give an outlook on the new digital examination formats with ILIAS, which can be used as an alternative to attendance examinations for the duration of the corona pandemic.

The links and dial-in data for the virtual event rooms (ZOOM) can be found in the calendar of events.

Registration for the webinars is not required, but the number of participants is limited. The webinars are recorded and made available promptly on this page (KIT internal).

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Upload exam under video supervision (10.02.2021)

In this webinar, you will learn how to use ILIAS and ZOOM to conduct an upload exam under video supervision and what you need to keep in mind. In addition, you will get a short overview of the specifics and differences of the three options available for the winter semester 20/21 (Open Book upload exam, Open Book online exam, upload exam under video supervision) to conduct written exams digitally remote at KIT.

>> Handout Upload Exam

The scenario: Upload exam with ILIAS

For the duration of the Corona pandemic, KIT lecturers can also switch to digital execution options for performance reviews/examinations. One option is the "upload exam", where the edited exam is submitted in file form.

This webinar will show how the "upload exam" scenario is structured, its procedure from the student's point of view, and how to set up a corresponding, individual exam room from the templates provided.

Webinar: Online Testing with ILIAS - Creating Test Questions, Adjusting Test Settings (09.12.2020)

For the duration of the Corona pandemic, KIT lecturers have the option to switch to digital execution options for performance reviews/exams.

In the webinar, the basics of question creation as well as the most important setting options of the test object in ILIAS will be shown. The contents covered will be based on the steps required for setting up and individually adapting the "Online Examination" template course, which is available to all lecturers.

Webinar: Digital Testing with ILIAS - An Option for WiSe 20/21? (25.11.2020)

For the duration of the Corona pandemic, KIT lecturers have extended possibilities to switch to digital implementation options for performance reviews/examinations. In the webinar, you will receive an overview of the technical implementation options with ILIAS and what needs to be considered when planning them.

The aim is to provide you, as a lecturer, with the basic information you need to decide whether ILIAS is an option for your examinations in winter semester 20/21.

Webinar: ILIAS Basics and implementation examples for WiSe 20/21 (28.10.2020)

The webinar will show you the most important ILIAS functions you need to set up a simple ILIAS environment.

Furthermore we will present examples of course room design that were successfully used in SoSe 2020.

>> To the shown presentation part 1 (in German)

>> To the shown presentation part 2 (in German)

Webinar: Practical tips for the skilful use of MS teams and Zoom (21.10.2020)

With MS-Teams and Zoom, many courses have been successfully conducted online since April. Since then there have been practical innovations in both tools. The webinar will show extended possibilities to enrich online courses and give tips for an even more professional use.

>> To the shown presentation (in German)

Webinar: Hybrid teaching winter semester 2020 (15.10.2020)

The webinar will discuss the possibilities of hybrid formats in the winter semester at KIT. Hybrid formats are events in which a part of the group is present on site and a part participates online via live stream or recording. The webinar will cover the following topics: Allocation of the present seats via ILIAS, implementation in the lecture hall via Zoom with recording, livestream and interaction possibilities, implementation in seminar rooms and the hardware required for this.

>> To the shown presentation (in German)

Webinar: More interactivity in online events (13.10.2020)

You will learn in the webinar which technical options are available to you to enable more active participation of students in online events conducted with Zoom or MS Teams and how to use them didactically in a meaningful way.

>> To the shown presentation (in German)

Webinar: Overview of online scenarios and basic information about ILIAS (15.04.2020)

  • How do I open up a ILIAS course?
  • Which basic settings do I have to make?
  • How do I upload material including instructional videos?
  • How do I connect to Zoom and/or MS teams?

>> To the shown presentation (in German)

Webinar: Use of MS Teams and ZOOM in courses (15.04.2020)

  • How do I get access to both systems and what do my students have to do?
  • Which system is suitable for what?
  • How do I create and use an MS Team for a seminar?
  • How do I set up and use lecture and seminar rooms in Zoom?
  • Notes for the privacy friendly use of Zoom

>> To the shown presentation (in German)