How do I get my KIT Zoom license?

Teachers automatically receive an authorization
At the beginning of each new semester, there is a deadline for teachers to be registered in the Campus Management System (CAS Campus). These instructors then receive an authorization for Zoom centrally. Typically, instructors can agree to Zoom cloud use in the privacy agreement on my.scc and will have immediate access to Zoom.

Requesting a teaching licence from the contact person in your faculty
If you were not registered in CAS in time, you can contact the contact person of your faculty. For this purpose, please make sure that you have never (accidentally) logged in to Zoom with your KIT account before.

Application for an event license at AServ event management
If you do not hold a lecture or other regular course, but rather workshops, selective trainings, meetings, conferences, etc., then please contact event does-not-exist.kit edu. There you can get a meeting license (up to 1,000 participants) as well as a webinar license. More info.

Under what conditions can Zoom be used?

Zoom is used on your own responsibility within the framework of the recommendations for the use of online communication services by the information security officer. These can be found in the Infothek(only accessible from the KIT network or via VPN).

Is Zoom usage budgeted?

No, Zoom is provided centrally at KIT within the framework of the above-mentioned regulations.

Why can't I log in to Zoom with my KIT account?

Case 1: No Zoom license entitlement has been activated for your KIT account yet, or you have not yet agreed to Zoom cloud usage after activation on See question 1 for how to apply for a license.

Case 2: Before the license transfer to you, you have already tried to log in to Zoom using your KIT account and thus unknowingly created a Basic account which is now blocking KIT license activation for KIT account after consent on So you need to urgently delete this Basic account (see below for instructions). After that, you can contact the SCC service desk. There, after deleting the Basic account, they can arrange to resynchronize your KIT account and thus fix the problem.

How do I delete the unknowingly created basic account/second account?

To delete a Basic account, follow the instructions provided by Zoom Support.

If you want to have a KIT account activated afterwards, please contact the contact person of the faculty (see question 1). If this has already been done and you have received the confirmation mail, the SCC service desk can now resynchronize your account.

Can I also log in or register via

No, by doing so you would inadvertently create a basic account with your KIT address. Such a permanently created basic account is not managed by KIT and blocks the activation of a KIT license on this account. If you have nevertheless already created a Basic Account with your KIT identity, it is imperative that you manually delete this account before it is licensed by KIT (see above).

You can only use the login at for the KIT license. There, the login is done via Shibboleth and the KIT account.

Why can't I agree to Zoom cloud usage on

Your KIT account has not yet been assigned an authorization to activate a KIT Zoom license. How to apply for your KIT Zoom account is explained in question 1. Please refrain from registering with Zoom directly with your KIT account, this will prevent the assignment of a KIT license.

I have been sent a link to a Zoom meeting, but am not getting into that Zoom meeting.

Zoom meetings are only active at the specified time and also need to be started by the host beforehand. If you want to join using a mobile device, Zoom's meeting app must be installed first. You can find this in either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. To ensure the highest possible security, always use the latest version. Please make sure to regularly update the app on your device. Participation in meetings with other apps (Conntect, Room, or similar) than the Zoom meeting client is not possible.

Why can't I create breakout rooms in the meeting?

Breakout rooms must be activated once in the host account settings at before they can be used in the meeting. After that, they will be available as an option in all of the host's meetings in the Zoom client. To learn how to use breakout rooms, see the instructions on this page.

Why can I only schedule meetings up to a maximum of 40 minutes?

The 40 minutes is the limit of free, self-created Zoom accounts (Basic accounts), which means you are not using Zoom with a KIT license. Please make sure you have a KIT Zoom license and are logged in with it. At, KIT licenses will say "Licensed" in the profile and usually have a subscriber limit of 300 in the License Type section. For how to set meeting durations with a licensed account, see the instructions on this page.

Why does it say "BASIC" when I click on my Zoom profile/zoom image?

It appears that the license transfer has not been completed. Delete this secondary account if it is linked to your KIT account. You can read above how this works. Now you can apply for a KIT Zoom account at your faculty. How to do that is explained in question 1. If you have already done so and received a confirmation email, contact the SCC service desk to have the account synchronized. The Basic account linked to the KIT address must already be deleted.

I have more than 300 participants in the lecture. Can I get a larger license?

For large lectures, the demand was requested from the faculties before the beginning of the semester and license extensions to 500 or 1000 participants were assigned. For a one-time need, you can register the event with AServ event management (see question 1); for regular teaching needs, please contact elearning∂ to see if there is still short-term capacity available.

Can we get a group account?

No. But you can nominate one or two people in your group to schedule and start the meetings. All other group members can then be made a so-called co-host and thus have all the rights that a host also has (screen sharing, chat to certain people, mute participants, ...).

May I "lend" my account to colleagues?

No. You are logged in via your KIT account. KIT account data must be treated securely and may not be passed on to third parties in accordance with the general terms of use.

I can't find my Zoom recording. Where is it?

Proceed as described in the instructions. Please keep in mind that cloud recordings are automatically deleted after 30 days.

When should Zoom be used and when should MS Teams be used?

Both services have very similar capabilities for conducting video conferences. As a general rule, they should only be used in accordance with the Infomation Security Officer's recommendations for the use of online communication services. These can be found there in the Infothek (only accessible from the KIT network or via VPN).

Compared to MS-Teams, Zoom currently allows more participants and does not require a login for participants. Without login there is a limitation for MS-Teams meetings to 25 external participants. Therefore, Zoom is mostly used for lectures.

For more information, see the webinar recording from 4/15/2020 at the very bottom of our webinar page.

More info:

Is it safe to use Zoom?

KIT has concluded a contract with Zoom to regulate the safest possible use. You can find more information here.

How can I register alternative moderators?

On you can already enter so-called alternative presenters when planning a lecture session (meeting). In the mask for creating the meeting you will find this possibility below. Other KIT zoom accounts can be entered here with the KIT abbreviation in the form ab1234∂kit edu. People entered in this way can alternatively start the meeting for you with the same permissions. For example, you can thus use the same zoom room and link for the lecture and the exercise, although the appointments are conducted by different people. A pitfall here is that the account with which the meeting was created may not hold another meeting at the same time, since only one meeting is possible per account at any one time. The function is described in more detail at

How can I log in to the Zoom App with the KIT login?

Logging into the Zoom App with the KIT login is only possible for people with a Zoom license assigned by KIT. This means that you can already log in to at "Dozent*innen Anmeldung / Lecturer's sign in" with your KIT account for the Zoom web interface. Students do not need a Zoom login to attend lectures via Zoom. Login to the Zoom app is also done via SSO. Do not enter your account data in the login window of the app, but click SSO for login there. In the subsequent dialog, enter as the company domain. Click on Continue. Zoom will now open the KIT Shibboleth page for login in the browser. Log in there with your KIT account. After successful login, the browser will open the Zoom client and you will be logged into it with the KIT account and will be able to access your meetings.

Do you have any questions?

Then please contact us by mail: elearning∂



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