Conducting hybrid seminars

Seminars require more flexibility, freedom of movement and a change between lecture, discussion, whiteboard and blackboard. Seminar rooms usually do not have their own microphones and cannot be centrally equipped. There would be a high risk of the equipment being stolen or damaged. The result would be that you would find out at the beginning of the course that you cannot work meaningfully as a hybrid. Likewise, it is not practical to collect loaner devices from a central location before each course and return them there afterwards. Therefore, there are recommendations to procure and implement your own with tried and tested hardware.

In addition to your laptop, the setup consists of a tripod, a tracking camera that can record a 180° area, a wireless microphone set with up to two microphones and the necessary connection cables. Depending on the volume of your laptop's speaker, another speaker is added. Everything together weighs less than 3kg and is easily transportable. The costs for a set range from 500 to 750 €, depending on the equipment.

For seminars without recording, students can activate their own camera and sound via the Internet. You can also use the camera of the set to make those present on site visible and audible in the livestream. In any case, you should make this voluntary for both sides. I.e. you cannot force the activation of the camera and the sound. In the seminar room, you should provide the opportunity to sit specifically outside the camera image.

Wired Internet access is strongly recommended. Streaming via WLAN is often unstable. Wired internet access is usually via LTA. Please check the availability in the seminar room as early as possible and, if necessary, clarify this with the ITB of the institute.

Please observe the currently applicable rules for risk assessment and the necessary infection control measures, such as 3G controls, for classroom events. These can be found on the SUM pages, updated daily (only accessible from the intranet).

Necessary hardware

  • Camera

    1x Obsbot Tiny Webcam ca 220€
    1x tripod, working height ca. 150cm, ca 50-100€
    1x connection cable ca. 3m, ca 20€: either connection cable, USB type C to USB type C, (USB 2.0 standard is sufficient) or with USB-A plug on one side

  • Sound

    1x Hollyland Lark 150 duo radio microphone (1 receiver, 2 transmitters), approx. 250€, includes audio cable for connection to PC
    1xaudio jack Y adapter cable stereo
    3,5mm jack plug to 2X 3,5mm jack socket (headphone and microphone to 1x jack connector), ca. 10€or better for connection via USB,USB sound card, ca. 15€
    1x prepared, halved sponge for the throwing microphone

  • Mostly available

    1x laptop for video conference with activated MS-Teams or Zoom-Client
    1x connection to existing projection (usually via HDMI)
    1x sound output in the seminar room, speakers in the room or powerful portable speakers in addition, built-in speakers in the laptop are not sufficient.
    1x optional 2-client (e.g. iPad) in the video conference as control monitor