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After three semesters of purely online teaching, one third of the courses at KIT were held in hybrid form for the first time in the winter semester 2021/22. The principle of enabling simultaneous interactive live participation in courses via different media from different locations complements face-to-face teaching with more opportunities for participation and allows students to individually adapt to different learning styles.

At KIT, the hybrid formats have been well received; in particular, interactive participation via video conferencing systems, chats, or quizzes received positive feedback in a survey - both from students and instructors. Many lecturers have specifically developed the existing possibilities with a great deal of initiative and commitment. "The challenge for the future is to find the best combination of face-to-face and online offerings in each case. In any case, we will be able to build on previous experience with hybrid concepts," explained Prof. Alexander Wanner, Vice President for Teaching and Academic Affairs at KIT, in the press release at the end of last year.

The hybrid implementation of events should be made possible at KIT beyond the pandemic, which is also what the majority of students want, as the open letter of the KIT student body shows.

In the following, we would like to collect some experience reports on hybrid teaching.

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Press Release: Hybrid Teaching at KIT

KIT has taken stock of its experiences with hybrid formats. Events that can be attended both on-site and from home allow for more face-to-face opportunities and learning successes for all students in the pandemic situation.

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Open letter for more hybrid teaching

The student parliament of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) has addressed an open letter to the teaching staff. The students plead for the preservation and expansion of hybrid teaching in studies even after the pandemic.

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Video: Testimonial from Paul Christian John

Paul Christian John, research associate at the Institute for Technology and Management in Construction at KIT worked with a group of students (about 170 students) in WS20/21. In a Youtube video, he talks in detail about his experiences and lessons learned in the implementation of hybrid teaching at universities. He also addresses advantages and disadvantages as well as the structure of the setting.

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Interview: Field report by Paul Christian John

In another video, Paul Christian John talks to freelance lecturer Ulrike Hanke about how he implements his hybrid lecture, what he sees as the strengths of the format, and where the challenges lie. And he also gives tips to all those who want to try it out, too.

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Report: Stefan Pauliuk (Uni Freiburg)

In the report "Portable and flexible tech setups for blended synchronous university courses" from the University of Freiburg, Stefan Pauliuk describes a low-cost and flexible setup that can turn any lecture hall or seminar room into a video conference room with WiFi and a projector.

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Inter-university think tank Hybrid Teaching

In the HND-BW Think Tank Hybrid Teaching, cross-university knowledge transfer and joint concept development for hybrid teaching-learning scenarios take place. Stakeholders from the support sector, teachers and students from Baden-Württemberg's universities exchange ideas on technical, media-didactic and organizational implementations. Sustainable application scenarios are developed on the basis of joint data collection.

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