Generative artificial intelligence (AI)

At the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Microsoft Copilot is available to employees and students as a generative AI. There is also an initiative to provide access to ChatGPT in the future. On our pages you will find information on access to the AI tools as well as application ideas and an insight into specialized prompting techniques.

We support teachers who want to explore and utilize the potential of generative AI with information and guidance on how to effectively integrate these advanced technologies into teaching practice. For further insights into the broader applications and impact of ChatGPT and other AI tools in the academic environment, please refer to our page ChatGPT in Higher Education: An overview of publications that address the overarching aspects and research in this area.

Please note that generative AI applications are constantly evolving, which means that the possibilities, risks and legal framework can change at any time. Regulations are still being developed within KIT. We endeavor to keep the information up to date, but cannot guarantee this. Corrections and comments are always welcome.

In general, we recommend that you pay attention when using generative AI in teaching:

  • Critically evaluate the results: Generative AIs use statistical models and are not like search engines. The quality of the results varies depending on the research question and subject area, and distortions can also arise due to the training data used. It is your responsibility as a user to critically evaluate the results and use them further.
  • Protection of data: In an official context, use Microsoft Copilot with commercial data protection, which has been officially provided by KIT since March 14, 2024, to avoid data leaks. Avoid using the freely available Copilot and/or ChatGPT. Further information can be found on the Copilot subpage.

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