Teachersline - Digital Learning Nuggets for Vocational High School Teachers

Shortage of skilled workers and changing job profiles on the one hand, shortage of teachers and time on the other, and in between: Teachers who want to effectively support their students in career and study orientation. No easy task!

In the "Teachersline" project, we are developing digital learning nuggets in close collaboration with teachers at the vocational high school's upper secondary level in order to give them the necessary tools to do so. By providing an outlook on promising occupational fields, forecasts on future skills in demand, and the introduction of futures literacy as an action-oriented method for developing their own visions of the future, the teachers become "future-ready". In this way, they can lead their students to a realistic and intrinsically motivated decision for the right training or course of study.

As a sub-project of BOoSTline, Teachersline is based on the official handout "Berufliche Orientierung im Beruflichen Gymnasium" (ZSL, 2019).

Individual learning paths and tailor-made content

In addition to generally applicable topics such as the orientation test or the study information day, teachers also receive learning content on future skills and career profiles for their subject lessons. The modular structure allows them to easily adapt their learning paths to their own needs and interests.

Interactive and activating formats

All partial results of BOoSTline will be published freely accessible on studieren-in-bw.de after the end of the project. In addition to the production of own learning videos, animations and quizzes, the project Teachersline also examines the use of AR for the design of immersive teaching/learning environments.

In the development, the ZML can build on learnings from the predecessor project BO Sek II for general education high schools.

Are you conducting research in the field of Future Skills, Futures Literacy, digital transformation, and the working world 4.0? If so, we are very interested in engaging in an exchange and would be delighted to hear from you.

BOoSTline is implemented on behalf of the MWK within the framework of the initiative Bildungsketten and is funded by the BMBF.

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