Theses at the ZML

Due to the close connection between the ZML and the ISD, student projects as well as Bachelor's and Master's theses can be supervised. The subject matter should be related to the ZML's areas of responsibility. If you are interested, please send an inquiry to info∂zml.kit.edu.


Graduation 2023

Master's theses:

  • Nils Osenberg: Challenge-based learning in the reality of university teaching
  • Jakob Kienle: Hand or mouse? An investigation into learning motivation using a digital self-learning unit on the topic of smart homes in the context of higher education teacher training

Bachelor theses:

  • Lukas König: Potentials of digital (school) books to support teaching - possible applications of the H5P element "Interactive book"


Completion 2021

Master's theses:

  • Carina Wittenbeck: Conception, creation and validation of an online course to explain the electric motor
  • Stefanie Schillinger: Digital competence of student teachers - An analysis of possible influencing factors for the use of digital media in the classroom with regard to the self-assessment of digital competence of STEM teacher training students


Graduation 2020

Master's theses:

  • Christian Sauerwald: Can problem-based learning ensure an increase in AR skills among student teachers?
  • Linda Fortenbacher: Media competence in teacher training: The development of a first makerspace concept for STEM subjects
  • Pervin Özaltin: Learning-related media use - an investigation into the use of new media in the university context


Completion 2019

Master's theses:

  • Philipp Syskowski: Qualitative survey of lecturers who use the e-learning service lecture recording in teaching
  • Jonas Gangwisch: Flow in a social context: analysis and presentation based on texts from pedagogy and game design
  • Sophie Hinderer: Acceptance of blended learning in leadership development - a retrospective evaluation of factors influencing acceptance by participants in a blended learning program

Bachelor theses:

  • Kerstin Düpmeier: The influence of in-video questions on the anchoring of knowledge in memory
  • Oguz-Kaan Öztürk: Creation and testing of a serious game as learning support for trainees in the fields of mechanics and electronics
  • Tamara Zetsche: Gamification in university teaching - possibilities of use for self-regulated learning of students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Study projects:

  • Julia Lardinoix: Preventive measures to reduce academic procrastination - A quantitative study to promote the self-regulation skills of students at universities
  • Judith Borel: Meta-evaluation of the evaluation in the BePerfekt project - analysis of the evaluation instrument in the target group management module
  • Linda Fortenbacher: Development of a didactic design for the course "Media Competence for the Teaching Profession" at KIT