Use of MS Teams in teaching

MS Teams is provided by the SCC. General information on access to MS Teams and its use outside of teaching can therefore be found on the pages of the SCC.

For interactive collaboration including live transmission of courses in groups (e.g. seminars, exercise groups and tutorials), Microsoft Teams is provided in the Microsoft Azure Cloud as a central service for the entire KIT. If you use MS Teams, please make sure that students in the associated ILIAS course get the necessary information about the course procedure to access MS Teams.

MS Teams can be used from outside directly with the KIT account without VPN. At the beginning an activation via the website is necessary. There you will also find the associated privacy policy, which must be agreed to before use.

It is also possible to add partner accounts (GuP accounts) in MS Teams. To do this, proceed in the same way as KIT employee:in.

Students can be added as guests, but can only accept invitations to a team after they have given their consent to data storage in the cloud.

Set up team for courses in MS Teams
A team for collaboration with students is created from the Campus Management System (CAS) (at https://campus.kit .edu) for a course entered there. This can be set up by teachers who are registered with the role "Lecturer" or by persons with the role "Event administrator". If you do not have access there yourself, please contact support does-not-exist.sle kit edu.


  • Log in to the CAS and open the course.

  • In the detailed information of the course, under the link to create an ILIAS course, you will also find the option to create an MS Team.
    To do this, click on "Create team-(MS Teams)".

  • The Connect Portal will open and a team will be created with the naming convention "OE_SemesterEvent_Number_Title-of-Course". You should see this team immediately in MS Teams with your KIT account. All persons entered for the course with the role "Lecturer" or "Event editor" will be entered in the team as owners. In the process or later in MS Teams the name can be changed.

  • A join link will appear in the middle. Students can join the team independently via this link (see below).

  • In CAS the display changes, instead of "Create Team", it now says "Manage Team". Click on "Manage Team" to open the dialog again to change the joining link or to delete the whole team.

Getting students into the MS Team
You can add students to the team in two ways. Either by manual entry or by self-enrollment of the students. We recommend self-enrollment.


A.) Self-enrollment of students

  • After creating the team, a link appears in Campus Management (see above). Students can use this link to join the team independently. They are then in the team as a guest. Students will be shown such a dialog. Via the blue button you join the team.

  • Copy the link from CAS and share it with the respective students, e.g. in the ILIAS course. NOTE: Everyone who has this link and a KIT account can join the team this way. Therefore, you can regenerate the joining link in the CAS at any time.

B.) Adding manually

  • For this to be possible, students must have already used MS Teams once, i.e. agreed to the privacy agreement in the MS Teams cloud usage section on the page. Prior to this, accounts will not be visible and cannot be added to the team.

  • In MS Teams, open the team. Next to the team name, click on the three dots and select "Add Member". c

  • You can add people with two different permissions. Students are usually "course participants". People with the role "teacher" have the same rights as you as the owner of the team.

  • Click "Search Students" and enter the full u account in the form "uxxxx does-not-exist.student kit edu". (Note: In the member list of the ILIAS course, the u-accounts are displayed in the user name column).

  • Close the dialog by clicking "Close".

Manage team
For the following activities, open the team in MS Teams.


Check or remove participants in the team

  • Click on the three dots next to the team name.

  • 'Select "Manage team". The list of members is displayed

  • Teachers are displayed with the role Owner or Member, students with the role Guest.

  • Use the X icon to remove people from the team. Attention, there will be no prompt.

Manage channels

Channels allow you to work on different topics separately. You can create a channel for each workgroup as a workspace, or use channels for different content-related topics, e.g. questions about the exercises, questions about the lecture, etc. >> More info

Manage notifications

Depending on how many teams you are a member of, notifications can quickly become annoying. You can edit which notifications you receive and in what form in your profile settings (top right icon).
>> More info


Disable joining the team

If you want to prevent students from registering again at a later date or from passing on the link to join the team, you can regenerate the link to join the team in CAS under Detailed information for the course. The previous link will then no longer work.


Delete team

You can delete the team completely in the MS Teams interface at any time. This cannot be undone.


Multiple teams for one course

You want e.g. for a lecture with several exercise groups and tutorials several MS Teams. If the exercise groups are each entered as an independent course in CAS, teams can be set up and used for them in the same way as for the lecture. If this is not the case, please check whether you can work with a separate channel in the lecture team. Alternatively, staff can manually create additional teams in MS Teams independent of a course in CAS. These teams will also appear in the administration interface. Accession links for students can then also be created there for these teams. Purely student workgroups can create and organize teams independently in the tenant for students. Staff accounts, however, do not have access there.

Why can't students join the MS team for the course?
This problem occurs occasionally with student accounts. A course was mapped in MS Teams and a join link was created with CampusConnect, which was made available via ILIAS. Students get a message after clicking the link that they have been added, and in MS Teams they are also in the list of participants, but in the Teams interface they do not see the course.

These students will need to contact teams-support∂ to resolve the issue. This must be done from the student email address of the associated account with the account abbreviation.

Here you will find instructions and further guidance on the use of MS Teams in teaching and general use: