Center for Technology-Enhanced Learning

Automated lecture recording

Currently, KIT is running a project on "Automation of Lecture Recording". Within the scope of this project, the larger lecture halls are successively equipped with recording technology. The project aims at enabling automated lecture recording, in which the lecturers can easily and independently expand their lectures with media and make them available to students for learning.

Due to the corona pandemic, the demand for recording technology in lecture halls and seminar rooms has risen sharply. For this reason, additional lecture halls were equipped in an unscheduled manner, in which lecturers can independently create recordings with the help of Zoom. This recording technology is to remain in place even when present teaching activities on campus are resumed. Further information on the processes and available lecture halls for automated as well as independent recording can be found on the following page.

Contact person at the ZML
Svenja Geißler
Phone: +49 721 608 - 48154
E-mail: svenja.geissler∂