AMALEA - Online course: Applied MAchine LEarning Algorithms

In the project AMALEA, the ZML, in cooperation with the Institute for Information Processing Technology (ITIV), is developing a German MOOC on the topic of Applied Machine Learning Algorithms. In this course, interested parties can interactively acquire knowledge about the procedure of machine learning on the basis of concrete applications. The course builds on the KIT Laboratory for Applied Machine Learning Algorithms (LAMA). The content of the AMALEA course is generally structured in such a way that different target groups can also acquire the content in different depths.

Contact person at the ZML
Manuela Schmidt
Phone: +49 721-608-48167

David Lohner
Phone: +49 721-608-48249
e-mail: david.lohner∂

The MOOC course should not only teach the basics of machine learning, but also enable the participants to solve a current problem independently in the form of a project. Therefore the course consists of two different modules, which differ in their teaching methodology. The first module teaches the essential methods of machine learning guided by videos and interactive Jupyter notebooks, which combine the classical textbook with an executable software code. The second module refers to the practical application of the previously taught content on given data sets. In this module, the participants have the opportunity to solve practical problems on the basis of the methods learned in the first module. After successful completion of the course, they will be able to identify real, practical machine learning problems and develop suitable solutions. AMALEA does not require any attendance, the course takes place completely online.

The project is also intended to provide further insights for the successful transfer of a presence offer into an equivalent scalable online offer, especially in the area of offers with a programming component. The AMALEA course is offered in cooperation with the AI Campus, on whose platform the course is also hosted. The KI-Campus is a pilot project funded by the BMBF and the focus is on the development of an AI specialized digital learning platform.