Interactive video player in ILIAS

Do you want to use a video in your teaching with precision? With the interactive H5P video player in ILIAS, this challenge can be met quickly and easily.

With this player you can enrich your own videos or videos from other sources that are available online via URL and make them suitable for your use. With just a few clicks, quiz questions, annotations and other interactions can be added to the video directly in the browser.

The player is available in ILIAS as an H5P object. Alternatively, you can create the interactive video offline on your own computer using the open source software Lumi and import the result into an H5P object in ILIAS later.

Create interactive video

Add an H5P object to your ILIAS course and select interactive video as the content type. The rest of the procedure is shown in the video starting at second 26.

Typical usage scenarios

On you will find two examples. These show the range of possibilities, but in most cases very simple implementations are sufficient and can be created particularly quickly:

  • Enrichment with bookmarks: In the timeline, you can create bookmarks by clicking on the icon next to the play button. These are displayed as a kind of table of contents and in the timeline, which helps students quickly find specific sections.
  • Quiz questions can be stored in several places in the video. Either these are displayed as an icon or the video pauses so that the question is answered in any case. This is suitable for activation, e.g. to ask the students to think for themselves before an explanation.
  • Markers and annotations make it possible to integrate links in the video or to correct minor errors via annotation. Or you can give your students instructions on how to use an external video.