Science Camp Computer Science - for Girls

UPDATE: The Science Camp Computer Science will unfortunately not take place in 2020 due to the corona pandemic.

Computer scientists are technology nerds, always sitting in dark basement rooms and only playing computer games. And anyways, computer science is not for girls.


We want to do away with prejudices and in the context of the Science Camp we want to show that computer science has many facets and that none of it is typically male. Today, computer science is used in almost all areas of life. Whether in medicine, the automotive industry, film or communication, computer science does not mean dealing exclusively with computers. Not the machine, but the design and optimization of work processes is the focus of attention as an essential task.

In the five days during the Science Camp we will program a simple web application that will show you that computer science is very practice-oriented and on top of that it is fun. In addition, we will visit various companies and introduce you to the exciting fields of work of female computer scientists.

Studying at KIT

Currently, computer science can be found in almost all areas of our modern life.

Information technology changes our living and working environment and thus our culture in the long term.

Do you want to participate in this development, have good English skills as well as logical thinking and the ability to think abstractly?

Then computer science at KIT might suit you!

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Science Camp Computer Science

will unfortunately not take place again until 2021

for girls from 14-16 years

The Science Camp Computer Science is offered free of charge. We meet every day from 9:00 - about 16:30 at the Faculty of Computer Science (Am Fasanengarten 5, Geb. 50.34). During the camp you will be accompanied by students and staff of the Faculty of Computer Science and the ZML.


Information on registration

Maximum number of participants: 15 girls

Registration is done online via the KIT – Faculty of Computer Science.



"Computer Girls - A Science Camp opens the perspective of computer science for girls": an article in "Computer + Unterricht" issue 110 (2018) with the title "Individualisation" introduces the Science Camp Computer Science. The authors are the three computer science students Kristin Ulitzsch, Charlotte Pröller, Lena Witterauf and the ZML staff members Michael Gauß and Tatjana Rauch.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


In June 2016, the Science Camp Informatics Project of the Month was the network initiative for women in MINT professions.

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