Science Camp Computer Science - for Girls

Computer scientists are technology nerds who only sit in dark basement rooms and only play computer games. And anyway, computer science is not for girls.

Is that really true?

We're doing away with prejudices and want to show at the Science Camp that computer science has many facets and can inspire girls just as much as boys.

Today,computer science is used in almost all areas of life . Whether in medicine, the automotive industry, film or communication: computer science does not mean dealing exclusively with computers. The focus is not on the machine, but on the design and optimization of work processes as an essential task.

Contact person at the ZML
Michael Gauss
Phone: +49 721 608-48206
E-mail: michael.gauss3∂

Contact person at KIT - Faculty of Computer Science
Isabel Häuser
E-mail: sciencecamp∂

In five workshop days, after an introduction to HTML, each girl creates her own website, which can be designed as she likes with the help of CSS and JavaScript. In addition, there are also insights into other interesting areas of computer science and the participants get to know other girls and women who study computer science or already work in the computer science field and can benefit from their experiences.

Studying at KIT

Computer science can now be found in almost all areas of our modern lives, permanently changing the way we live and work and thus our culture.

You want to contribute to this and have a good command of English as well as logical thinking and the ability to abstract?

Then computer science at KIT might suit you!

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Science Camp Computer Science

01. until 05.08.2022

for female students from class 8-10


Information about registration

Maximum number of participants: 10 girls

The Registration takes place online via the page of the KIT Faculty of Computer Science.



In June 2016, Science Camp Informatik was Project of the Month at the Network Initiative for Women in STEM Careers.

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