Digital exams on campus with digital devices

Digital examinations in presence can be realized at KIT so far in the pool rooms of the SCC. From the summer semester 2023, an additional 40 Chromebooks will be available in pilot operation for digital examinations with mobile devices.

Digital exams on campus offer several advantages over remote scenarios. There is increased cheating security through on-site identity verification and proctoring, as well as optional restriction of network access and other resources during the exam.

The powerful notebooks can be put into an exam mode within a few minutes, centrally managed. In this mode, the Internet or external storage devices can no longer be accessed. In the exam situation, students see the ILIAS exam page when they start the device and can only access the content that has been set there. Participants' exam data is stored on KIT servers via the closed internal network. There is no transfer of personal data to Google.

The devices are provided charged on the exam day and can be used flexibly in the room due to their long battery life. At KIT, the Communications Technology Lecture Hall (NTI) is currently available for digital exams with Chromebooks, which offers sufficient space for staggered seating. For additional security, privacy films are attached to the Chromebooks' displays to restrict the view of other participants' screens.

As with the online exam in the pool room, the ILIAS test object can be used for the online exam with digital end devices and the exam can be designed using various question types and evaluation functions. The digital transfer of the exam data saves time and facilitates the evaluation process.

Can you imagine trying out the format? Interested parties can get support from the ZML. Feel free to contact us by mail at judith.borel∂


Contact persons at the ZML
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