survey@KIT: Development of students' data literacy in the field of surveys at KIT

In the age of the 21st century, the ability to critically collect, manage, evaluate and apply data is of crucial importance. The "survey@KIT" project at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) represents an innovative step towards promoting data literacy among students. This collaborative project, led by the Department of Quality Management for Studies and Teaching, the Center for Media Learning (ZML) and the House of Competence (HoC)/Methods Lab, aims to develop a methodological toolkit to support students in successfully conducting online surveys.

Contact persons at ZML
Iuri Maia Jost
Phone: +49 721 608-48170
E-mail: iuri.jost∂

The methodology toolkit includes a variety of learning materials and e-tutorials that focus on the following key areas:

  1. Methodological foundations for conducting a survey: This teaches basic concepts and survey processes to provide students with a solid foundation for designing and implementing surveys.

  2. Survey methodology: This section covers topics such as measurement theory, quality criteria and the use of standardized designs. The aim is to provide students with a sound knowledge of survey methodology.

  3. Basics of data protection: As the responsible handling of data is of central importance, students are given an introduction to the basics of data protection in the context of surveys.

In addition to these learning materials, KIT will provide standardized survey software that can be used by students free of charge in the context of project and final theses. This software should not only facilitate the implementation of surveys, but also ensure consistent data collection and evaluation.

The responsibilities of the Center for Media Learning (ZML) in this joint project include the media didactic concept, the production of the teaching media in the method kit, the implementation of the modules in the ILIAS learning platform and the design of a course. This course will be accessible to all KIT students and offer them the opportunity to deepen their methodological skills in the field of surveys.

Overall, the "survey@KIT" project aims to strengthen students' data literacy by providing them not only with theoretical foundations, but also with practical tools and resources. Through the cooperation of various departments at KIT, comprehensive and sustainable support is created for students in the development, implementation and evaluation of online surveys.