EPICUR: European University for a New Generation

The ZML is involved in the international project of the European university association EPICUR (European Partnership for Innovative Campus Unifying Regions). The aim of EPICUR is to create an attractive, innovative European university for a new generation - a generation that will meet the major social challenges of the future Europe.

The European Commission will provide the European University Association EPICUR with five million euros in funding over the next three years. Members of this consortium are the four EUCOR partners in Freiburg, Karlsruhe, Strasbourg and Mulhouse, as well as the universities of Amsterdam, Thessaloniki, Poznań and Vienna (BOKU). The consortium is based on an initiative of the EUCOR universities.

In the additional funding initiative EUN (European University Networks), KIT and the University of Freiburg will fund various priority topics for the next three years. One of the priority topics is the development and use of digital teaching/learning materials. Exemplary for the basic chemical training of the natural science courses at KIT, the project will develop teaching and learning materials that provide students with the necessary basics in an adaptive, self-directed learning process. In cooperation with the Institute for Functional Interfaces (IFG), a supporting course concept will be developed in parallel to the basic lecture in inorganic chemistry. Detailed learning materials as well as test and exercise scenarios accompanying the individual learning process will help the students to get a positive introduction to the chemical basics.

In addition, it is planned to partially virtualize the Inorganic Chemistry Lab, which has so far been largely in attendance. As an inverted lab, phases of the analysis, such as the preparation and post-processing of the individual analyses, will be carried out online. With this transfer, the individual competence to act in the present laboratory phases can be improved.