New ILIAS plugin "MATLAB Grader is available

At KIT, it is now possible to integrate the "MATLAB Grader" tool on the ILIAS learning platform with the help of a plugin. With the "MATLAB Grader" plugin, teachers can create interactive programming tasks on ILIAS and have them evaluated automatically by the program. In this way, they receive an overview of the learning performance of their students.

In digital teaching, it is not always easy for teachers to receive direct feedback on the learning progress of students. Particularly in the engineering sciences, the MATLAB Grader should now help: With the plugin, teachers can set programming tasks directly on ILIAS. The students can then submit their answers on the platform, and the evaluation also runs automatically via the MATLAB Grader. In addition, it is possible to provide help for solving the tasks. In the end, not only the teachers get an overview of their students' learning performance, but also the students themselves have an insight into their learning progress so far, as they receive direct feedback on their work.

When creating a MATLAB Grader course, you can use a variety of course templates. It is also possible to import courses that have already been created. To get started with the Grader courses, see the detailed documentation and the interactive online course "Teaching with MATLAB". All information at a glance as well as an exchange forum for teachers can be found on ILIAS.

For students, there is also a contact point for general questions about MATLAB in the KIT MATLAB Community, which can be referred to for grader-specific questions.