Workshop: Own videos in teaching - Editing text from the idea to the finished video with simple means

Videos have been used in teaching for a long time. What is new is the increasing support of one's own teaching via short self-created online videos. With the spread of mobile devices, the necessary technology is usually available and videos can be created quickly and easily.

The workshop introduces the possibilities and gives support on the way from the idea to a didactically prepared video. For this purpose, we will deal in the morning with the question of how such an instructional video can be structured in terms of content and how you can design your own script. We also talk about tips and tricks for using mobile devices for shooting. In the afternoon, a practical part follows with the aim of having produced your first own video at the end of the day.

Contact person at ZML
Sarah Holstein
Phone: +49 721 608-48219
e-mail: sarah.holstein∂

The workshop is part of the program Hochschul Didaktik Zentrum Universitäten Baden-Württemberg. Participation can therefore be credited towards the Baden-Württemberg Certificate in University Didactics.

Fee: The HDZ charges a fee of 25 euros per day of the event.
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Target group: Professors, university lecturers, assistant lecturers and academic staff who want to make greater use of new media in their courses.


This workshop will take place either online or at the premises of the KIT Personnel Development and Vocational Training Department (PEBA), Vincenz-Prießnitz-Straße 1 in Karlsruhe. Registration is possible directly at the Baden-Württemberg Center for Higher Education Didactics.

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