Upload examination under video supervision

Upload examination under video supervision describes a scenario of how digital examinations, for which students are not allowed to use any or only limited aids, can be carried out under video supervision.

The students receive one or more assignments via ILIAS for download, which they then work on digitally (but not online) or on paper in a defined time window from home and then submit their submissions via ILIAS. To reduce the possibility of cheating, in the form of collusion during the exam or the use of unauthorized aids, Zoom is used for video supervision of the examinees. This supervision is carried out exclusively live and by KIT personnel.

For this purpose, students place a mobile device (smartphone) with Zoom client and camera at the side so that the person and the working environment are visible during the examination.

Participation in a video-monitored online examination outside the premises of the university is voluntary, which is why you, as the examiner, must offer a presence alternative with the same deadline.

In addition, it is mandatory that you enable students to try out the technical and organisational implementation by means of a test examination.

As an introduction, we also recommend the recording of the webinar: Upload exam under video supervision on the page Corona Webinars.

Checklists, click instructions and templates can be found collected in a material folder in ILIAS (You must be logged in to ILIAS to access the content. The contents are only released for KIT employees).


For the scenario upload exam under video supervision you will find there:


  • A guide to exam administration in CAS Campus.
  • A checklist for examiners for the scenario upload examination under video supervision. This checklist describes the process of planning, creating, conducting and archiving an exam in this format.
  • A click instruction for ILIAS for an upload exam under video supervision for lecturers. This shows how to create such an exam in ILIAS step by step.
  • An instruction for ZOOM for an upload exam under video supervision for supervisors. This shows what preparations have to be made for video proctoring in ZOOM and how video proctoring is carried out in ZOOM.
  • A guide/leaflet for students on how to conduct such an exam, which lecturers can pass on to their students, with advice on the technical requirements and how to organise an exam in this format.
  • A guide for students on how to use a scanning app that lecturers can pass on to their students if required.
  • Course template that can be used to create such an exam (see click instructions for explanation).
  • The form for establishing identity
  • A sample letter for a cover letter for students
  • Not in ILIAS, but in the Campus Management System is an info page for students with information on data processing and technical requirements for students.


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